Outpatient Admission

Outpatient mental health services require Individual and/or Family Therapy to be provided in regularly scheduled sessions.

Admission Criteria:

Each of the following specifications is to be met to recieve services:

  • Medical and psychological stable at a level to function on an outpatient treatment level.
  • Meet criteria for outpatient treatment.
  • Meets criteria for a diagnosis.
  • Have clearly identified symptoms, or exhibiting clearly defined behaviors, that significantly impair their social/occupational/educational functioning.
  • Have expectation that the identified symptoms, behaviors and functioning will significantly improve as a result of treatment.
  • Have Medicaid or other accepted insurance or have the ability to pay fee for service.

*Not all services provided require admission

The first step to receiving services at MONARCH's Outpatient Treatment Program is to complete a screening. Screenings can be done over the telephone by calling 918-463-2581 or in person at our facility located at: 1002 Cambell Street, Warner, OK 74469.