Employment Services

MONARCH, Inc. Employment Services provides services to customers with disabilities that are 18 years of age or older, out of high school, and approved through the Department of Rehabilitation Services. We focus on enhancing the quality of life for people with disabilities and their families through employment.

MONARCH, Inc. Employment Services is dedicated to providing the highest quality employment services by offering customer-directed services utilizing highly trained and competent management and direct service staff.

We believe that the person served should receive the support necessary to achieve meaningful work and social activities in the community.

Employment Services provide support/seek resources to solve issues of daycare, transportation, and clothing that may interfere with successful employment.

Services Offered

Situational Assessments:

Will be at jobsite where the individual's strengths, limitations, and levels of enjoyment are evaluated.

Vocational Preparation:

Will be done in a classroom like setting and will address:

  • Work adjustment skills and ego strength building
  • Assisstance in learning how to obtain and maintain employment
  • Clarification of strengths, interests and career choices

Job Development:

Will explore job openings in the community matching the individuals expressed interest and skills

Job Training:

Will accompany persons served to all trainings offered by the employer if the client/employer chooses.


Employment Services will conduct onsite/off-site visits, depending persons choice of visit and by contract standards.

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